Zeitspace Sessions

We spend a lot of time learning, but we also think it’s important to share what we’ve learned. That’s why we introduced Zeitspace Sessions, which are open to anyone, no expertise needed.

Intro to cross-platform mobile apps with Flutter

Flutter is a cross-platform tool to develop web, mobile, and now desktop applications. This hands-on workshop will get you started building mobile apps.

Remote User Story Mapping

Story mapping is a powerful tool to understand your users, but how do you get a group to participate if you all can't be physically in the same area?

'Scaling your Agility means Scaling your Leadership' with Dave Dame

In this talk, leading agile expert Dave Dame will share the tools he has used to enable bottom-up engagement and rapid decision making.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Web Accessibility

Gain tools and understanding for designing and developing web content that meets basic accessibility standards

Using WebAssembly to Improve the Performance of your JavaScript Applications

In this workshop, we’ll look at a few common JavaScript performance issues on both the front-end and in Node, and fix them using Rust compiled to WebAssembly or to a Node native module.

Introduction to User Story Mapping Workshop - Apr 23, 2019

This session will provide an introduction to user story mapping through a straightforward hands-on workshop that focuses on the key concepts and enables everyone to create their first story map.

Intro to Building and Managing Design Systems

Design Systems help address these challenges by providing a standardized collection of reusable components and patterns that can be assembled together to build any number of applications.

Zeitbooth: get rapid feedback & advice for you product, design & dev questions

Zeitbooth is a rapid feedback cycle with members of the Zeitspace team. You bring your challenges or questions and we workshop through them with you in a focussed 15-minute session.

Intro to Prototyping with Framer

Framer is an interactive prototyping tool that lets you create Real Fake Software for Android, iOS, and the web. In this tutorial, you'll get an intro to Framer and build a simple prototype.


An open office hours session this Friday, January 26th from 2–4 PM in a booth at Abe Erb at the Tannery.

The Booth with Mark and Jeff

Borrowing from experience with the fine folks at Dojo4 and shamelessly ripping MergeLane off, we’re going to test an open office hours session this Friday in a booth at Abe Erb at the Tannery.

Getting Started with Progressive Web Apps - Nov 14, 2017

In this workshop, you’ll turn a simple web application into a Progressive Web App.

Getting Started with Voice UIs & Assistant Apps

Join us for a hands-on Voice UI session where you'll learn the fundamentals of Voice UI and build your own Google Assistant App.

Hands-on intro to Kotlin

Kotlin is an open source language developed by JetBrains that targets Android, the JVM, browsers, and even native apps.

Introduction to User Story Mapping Workshop - Jul 26, 2017

User story mapping has been described and demonstrated by Jeff Patton for years in workshops and in his terrific book 'User Story Mapping: Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product.'