Dave Dame stands at the base of a statue of Terry Fox

Product Innovation is on the Edge, with Dave Dame


Note: Guest presenter Dave Dame joins us in today's session for a special presentation.

As Product Professionals we are told our job is to create products that either solve user problems or take advantage of opportunities. The challenge during these times this seems hard to find as new product innovations are being released every day. Are we running out of problems or opportunities? No, we are simply been only looking at the problem/opportunity from our usual viewpoint of the average user. What if we looked at it from a different lens? What if we look at people who always struggle with problems based on their environments not accommodating their unique needs? I argue, this is the gold mine of opportunity of creating innovative products. Solving for the mismatches of people with disabilities will lead into innovations for your users and customers of all abilities! We will discuss the real world examples of this, how to do it, and future market demand. We will all be disabled one day, some of us just beat you to it

What to expect

Dave will be sharing his experience and insights around creating innovative and inclusive products. 

Is this workshop for you?

Are you a UX researcher, a designer, or a product manager? Absolutely. Others may also find it useful.

What to bring

No need to prepare in any way or bring anything.


This online Zeitspace Session happened Aug. 24. Read our recap, Building a new product? Here's a gold mine of opportunity.