Mark Tan, left, and Nathan Maton, right.

Building a tight community feedback loop with Mark Tan and Nathan Maton


Note: Guest presenters Mark Tan and Nathan Maton join us for a special Zeitspace Session.

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Building a tight community feedback loop can be a powerful way to launch a product. Your community is already out there desperate for the product you’re building but you haven’t found your early adopters — or they aren’t sticking around. In this Zeitspace Session, Mark Tan and Nathan Maton will take you through how to discover your community, then turn them into evangelists of your business. 

Mark Tan led product and growth at Amazon and Twitch gaming communities of 10 million users. He's currently at Wyze, a consumer tech startup that recently raised $110 million in Series B, with community efforts that led to 30 product launches, 5 million paying customers, and more than 15,000 beta testers in three years. Mark scaled product communities from zero to 100,000 members. He also led a team of eight Product Managers, UX Researchers, and Community Managers, combining these disciplines to champion community-led growth. He's a fellow at On Deck, Reforge, and Product School, part of 12 programs, and has coached more than 200 professionals.

Nathan Maton led community at OpenIDEO, Khan Academy and Google, with over a decade of community-building experiences with in-person and online communities. He's an experienced user researcher with expertise in both qualitative and quantitative methods. 

What to expect

Mark and Nathan will discuss trends and takeaways when it comes to building products in tandem with your community.

Is this workshop for you?

This workshop is for product managers, UX researchers, and community managers, but is open to anyone!

What to bring

Bring your questions for Mark and Nathan. Otherwise, no need to bring anything.

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