Participants organizing their story map

Remote User Story Mapping


User story mapping is a technique Jeff Patton describes in his book User Story Mapping: Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product. It's a way for UX designers and product managers to document and develop a shared context for the users and their needs rather than specific features. We use it extensively at Zeitspace as a way to kick off projects and get everyone on the same page about the challenge ahead.

Mark Connolly walks groups of people through a user story mapping exercise

Normally you set aside half a day to work together in the same room, documenting the steps of different goals while listening to the conversations happening as your team moves sometimes hundreds of colourful stickies around on the walls building a long spine with tentacles branching out from it. Later you layer in emotions, helping you understand how a person might feel at times as they navigate a workflow, and you make a note to address that fear, bring support to that uncertainty, or celebrate that moment of joy.  

But what if you can't all be in the same room? With physical distancing, we've had to think through how to harness the same power of story mapping using common remote tools. And we want to teach you how to do it too in your own work. 

What to expect

Just like we've done in a previous User Story Mapping Zeitspace Session, Mark Connolly and the Zeitspace team will provide an introduction to Patton's user story mapping through a straightforward hands-on workshop that focuses on the key concepts and enables everyone to create their first story map. Only this time we'll do it remotely and share techniques and tips for making your own remote story mapping session successful.

Is this workshop for you?

We recommend this workshop for designers, developers, product managers, marketing professionals, and anyone who is looking to focus on users and their needs rather than on features.

This workshop is for individuals of all skill levels.

What to bring

Enthusiasm and excitement for working in teams. You'll need a computer connected to the internet and we'll be using Zoom and its break out rooms for the group hands-on portions.


This event took place online on May 26, 2020, but read our recap, "Zeitspace Session recap: Remote user story mapping."