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Designing and building software can be risky. Zeitspace’s experienced team of UX designers, software engineers, and product managers help you and your team bring a successful product to market faster.

We bring ideas to life

Zeitspace is a software consultancy that has vast experience building scalable web and mobile applications using a wide variety of technology. We seamlessly blend with remote teams, can join forces with existing development teams or complete end-to-end projects on our own.

We help with product design and custom software development needs, whether that’s an MVP, a prototype, building a product, or testing a business idea. Using scrum and agile software development best practices, our experienced team of UX designers, software engineers, and product managers help bring your ideas to life.

What we do

We help real people solve real problems.

Companies rely on our expertise to quickly deliver a product. Maybe your in-house team is busy on other projects, or you want to test a product or idea before scaling up your team but you don’t have all the details worked out. Either way, we are flexible and can work with you to fill in the gaps.

We believe that by designing experiences that focus on the people who use the software products we make, we’ll create great products that deliver value and delight. That’s why when we start working on a project, we start by asking “why” rather than “how”.

We use story mapping to quickly gain insight into your software product. Story mapping helps frame the discussion so that we know your product’s goals, allowing us to deliver the most business value within your constraints, whether that’s time or budget.

We work in small teams that blend knowledge and skill, allowing us to work quickly and collaborate well, with each other and with you. We’re used to collaborating remotely and using agile methods, so you'll know exactly what we’re working on and when it’ll be done.

Companies rely on us to reduce risk and build better software products that meet the goals of their business and their users. Companies trust us to help quickly validate their ideas and make sure they’re building the right thing, saving them time and money.


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How we work

Process is what grounds us and it’s what helps us deliver in a reliable way.

Our team has years of experience managing projects large and small. When you work with us, you get our team’s collective years of experience, knowledge, and breadth of expertise.

Our practice is rooted in well established design and development approaches. We’re an agile organization and use scrum to organize our work. We complement lean and agile approaches to our work with a design thinking mindset. That’s why planning, demos, standups, and retrospectives are at the heart of our design and development work. We also care about using the appropriate tools and getting the details right. 

All of this helps us deliver on time and helps the companies that rely on us to beat their competitors to market with products that solve their business and user’s needs. 

Using a proven framework, we help companies remove risk in their projects, all while delivering value quickly.


Learn more about our approach:


No one likes to launch a software product only to realize they spent a lot of time on features that don’t meet users’ needs. Prototypes bring your vision to life quickly and help you experience the look and feel of a software product without huge upfront costs. The advantage of an experience prototype is that the user experience leads the way, allowing you to validate your product before you spend money building features. And a prototype can serve as a blueprint and living specification for when you’re ready to commit to development work. All this helps save you time and money, allowing you to bring a successful product to market faster than your competitors.


We’ve all heard the mantra build fast, fail fast. But before you launch a new business it’s important to slow down and learn whether you’re solving a problem people will pay for. We can help you validate and test your business idea so that you know before you launch whether you’re building the right thing. Slowing down to learn what will work and what won’t will help take some of the risk out of starting a new business.


At the heart of our work, the scrum and lean approach to UX design and development gives you control over your project. Coupled with validation, lean and scrum methods ensure we’re working in a nimble way, helping you build incremental business value throughout the project. Rather than focus on a heavy process that needlessly slows down work, we use sprints to quickly produce a design or software, regularly iterating on our work — and your product. Learn more about how to work with expert partners in our outsourcing guide


Sharing knowledge

Learning is a big part of what we do and we love sharing our knowledge. We host monthly sessions on topics relevant to the UX, product and software development communities that are open to everyone and free to attend.

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Zeitspace office hours

At Zeitspace, we offer a free no-strings-attached one-hour consultation to help you work through the big picture challenges while getting honest, obligation-free feedback.

If you’re facing a technical hurdle, struggling to build a roadmap, need a critique of a design, want help with a process, looking for an architecture review, or anything else, reach out.

We’re here to help. Honest.

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