Kelly Goto

UX Research Repositories: Streamline Your Research & Insight Process, with Kelly Goto


Note: Guest presenter Kelly Goto joins us in today's session for a special presentation.

If you, like Kelly, have been wondering about all the cloud-based tools now available for research coding and collaboration — you are not alone. Join us for a lively share and tell session where we walk through Dovetail and Airtable in a real-world research scenario — understanding what worked, what didn’t and why. Whether you are a researcher, a designer or a product manager — learn how collaborative analysis and insight sharing works and why a research repository might be the single most important thing you consider for your product strategy in 2021.

What to expect

Kelly will be sharing her experience and insights with research repositories. 

Is this workshop for you?

Are you a UX researcher, a designer or a product manager? Absolutely. Others may also find it useful.

What to bring

No need to prepare in any way or bring anything.

This session happened May 25. Read our recap, How to streamline your user research with a repository