About Zeitspace

We value the work that we do and the people that we do it with.

What we believe in

As a software consultancy, we believe in building great products that are delightfully designed. Our experienced team of user experience designers, software engineers, and product managers helps you take the risk out of bringing a new product to market. We believe in using agile approaches because we’ve seen them work time and time again.

Beyond designing and building software, we believe in building a culture of learning and growing. And we believe in building a diverse and inclusive team to help us do it.


Where we started, where we’re going

Zeitspace launched on Hallowe’en in 2016. We thought there was no better time than the scariest day of the year to formally announce our new venture. We wanted to work on projects where the design and technical challenges were invigorating, the people were passionate about the projects that they brought us, and where we would learn a lot along the way.

By January 2017, we had our first office, our first full-time employee, had hired our first of many co-op students, and delivered on our first project — all from the hallowed halls of an old brewery in Waterloo, Ontario. Today, our growing team is made up of more than 20 people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, which is how we like it.

Our mission is to deliver software products that delight our clients and their customers while building a diverse and inclusive team that builds and grows together.

Bicycle mounted above the zeitspace kitchen

The Team

Get to know our team in our “Welcome to Zeitspace” posts, where they share recommendations, cool discoveries about Waterloo Region, and what they like about their work.

Megan Pollock in the Zeitspace Kitchener office
1 min read

Welcome to Zeitspace, Megan Pollock

Megan Pollock a Systems Design Engineering graduate of the University of Waterloo introduces herself as Zeitspace's latest UX Designer
Amy Colford
1 min read

Welcome to Zeitspace, Amy Colford

Film photography, radio and old computer fan, Amy Colford joins Zeitspace as a Software Engineer and talks about cutting her career short as a BASIC games developer.
Jeff Fedor toasting their new partnership.
1 min read

Welcome to Zeitspace, Jeff Fedor

Mark Connolly discusses the product and software experience that Jeff Fedor brings as a partner and new member of the Zeitspace team.

Zeitspace was actually the perfect fit.… The fact that we were literally able to walk into a room, explain our vision, and explain roughly what we were looking for in a dashboard and get someone to create it for us — that’s rare. We’ve done this with other outsource companies before and it’s never been this easy. It genuinely just felt like another sprint team or another product team in the company.

Cyrus Naini

CEO of Green Brick Labs

Working with Zeitspace was wonderful. They knew we were experts in our field, which I appreciated. They took the time to get to know us and valued the expertise that we brought to the table as well.

Lyndsey Butcher

Executive Director of SHORE Centre

Zeitspace was great. They understood what we were trying to do and they respected that. We found them very open. That’s one of the reasons we worked with them was because of the trust relationship. They understood what was going to work for us.

Clayton MacKay

CEO of Java Group Programs

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