People sitting in a row taking notes in a notebook.

How to plan, run, and learn from research interviews


Talking to people is a terrific way to learn from them. Asking the right questions, knowing how to listen, and capturing what you've learned are all elements of effective interviews. But interviewing isn’t just for researchers or designers: an effective interview can help product folks, marketing and communications teams, and anyone who is curious.

What to expect

In this session, you’ll learn when interviewing is appropriate to help answer your research questions, how to build an interview plan and write questions that draw out deep responses, and some techniques for being an effective interviewer.

You’ll leave the session having tried a few of those techniques out with others, and will have a better understanding of the role interviews can play in your work. We’ll also share a list of our favourite resources.

Is this workshop for you?

We recommend this workshop for designers, researchers, product people, marketing and communications professionals, and anyone who wants to learn to ask better questions

The workshop is open to anyone.

What to bring

This is a virtual workshop on Zoom so you’ll need to install Zoom if you haven’t already. We’ll use Google Docs for the writing activities, but you may also want to have a notebook and pen handy.


This event happened online Dec. 16, 2020, but read our recap which has links to the activities and more: Planning, running, and learning from UX research interviews.