Adrian Cho

Retiring, pivoting, and creating a musical space


Adrian Cho will share his personal perspective on pivoting during the pandemic and the story of cutting his losses in one thing, starting from scratch on something else, having to learn new skills, and trying to apply his existing skills. And we’ll learn about his focus on experience when creating his new music performance platform. As Adrian puts it, “it’s about being able to bring people experiences of interaction that are authentic and engaging even though there’s a lot more technical and logistical risk in doing everything live on the Internet — plenty of risk but plenty of reward.” Join us to hear this story of community between the musicians and the audiences.

What to expect

Adrian will be sharing his story about his experience creating a music performance platform. 

Is this workshop for you?

Absolutely. Adrian's story is a great one for anyone to hear. Musicians in particular may find it helpful.

What to bring

No need to prepare in any way or bring anything.

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