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Pedal power: more cyclists hit the road with temporary bike lanes

By Kelly Pedro Aug 8, 2020

After Waterloo Region added 24 kilometres of temporary separated lanes on some regional roads in July traffic counters show more cyclists are using them.
Topics: Community Waterloo Region Active Transport

Want to build trust? Follow these three Vs

By Kelly Pedro Aug 4, 2020

How can UX designers build trust? Empower audiences to make confident decisions, content strategist Margot Bloomstein said during uxWaterloo’s meetup.
Topics: Our Craft Positioning Storytelling UXWaterloo

Helping product teams measure their messy middle

By Kelly Pedro Jul 27, 2020

Amplitude’s John Cutler recently presented six thinking models during a ProductTank Waterloo talk to help product teams have better conversations.
Topics: Our Craft Product ProductTank Agile

Cross-platform mobile apps made easy with Flutter

By Peter Spenler Jul 23, 2020

During our latest Zeitspace Session we explored how to get started with Flutter, and some of its benefits while building a simple to-do app.
Topics: Software Development Our Craft Zeitspace Sessions

When it comes to UX research, time is your friend

By Kelly Pedro Jul 20, 2020

Take the time to do UX research with the right methods and intent. Anything else is research theatre, Indi Young shares on Fluxible TV.
Topics: Our Craft Fluxible UX Research

Why your organization should invest in qualitative research

By Kelly Pedro Jul 9, 2020

Early results from one study found organizations that didn’t invest in qualitative research paid dearly in employee morale, creativity, and productivity.
Topics: UX Design Our Craft Fluxible UX Research

The pandemic has supercharged wicked digital problems. Here’s how.

By Kelly Pedro Jun 30, 2020

Lola Oyelayo-Pearson, Shopify’s Director of UX, Multichannel, talked about wicked digital problems and what designers can do about it on Fluxible TV.
Topics: UX Design Our Craft Fluxible

How to design a design team

By Kelly Pedro Jun 26, 2020

Adaptive Path co-founder Peter Merholz shares why the team, not any one designer, is the atomic unit of design organizations.
Topics: UX Design Our Craft UXWaterloo

How to support active transportation in Waterloo Region

By Kelly Pedro Jun 19, 2020

Zeitspace created an app to make it easy for residents to let Regional Council know they support active transportation.
Topics: Community Waterloo Region Active Transport

A tale of two active transportation proposals

By Kelly Pedro Jun 18, 2020

While a $41 million funding announcement to boost active transportation was lauded, another plan to add temporary bike lanes divided Waterloo Regional council.
Topics: Community Waterloo Region Active Transport