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The future of design is human

By Kelly Pedro Jun 15, 2021

“If anybody is equipped to solve for a world that has more equitable outcomes, it’s designers,” design leader Aaron Irizarry said in summing up Fluxible.
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Learning from other UXers

By Kelly Pedro Jun 11, 2021

Learning by sharing is a powerful practice in user experience. At a recent uxWaterloo, local UXers shared what they learned in their latest projects.
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Why your product team needs to talk to customers weekly

By Kelly Pedro Jun 7, 2021

The best product teams are shifting to a continuous mindset, said Teresa Torres, who wrote Continuous Discovery Habits.

How to streamline your user research with a repository

By Kelly Pedro Jun 3, 2021

During our Zeitspace Session, design ethnographer Kelly Goto talked about the benefits of UX research repositories, what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Product managers need to champion digital ethics

By Kelly Pedro May 28, 2021

Product managers operate at the intersection of UX, business, and tech, so it’s on them to understand how ethical issues might pop up.
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Fluxible and music in perfect harmony

By Kelly Pedro May 26, 2021

Since 2012, Fluxible attendees have enjoyed more than 100 musical performances.
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Designing a gaming platform for kids

By Kelly Pedro May 13, 2021

Carina Ngai, who leads the player experience design team at Roblox, joined the company because the opportunity came with interesting design challenges.
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Designing for digital safety

By Kelly Pedro May 6, 2021

In a world of algorithmic bias, what role do design and governance play in building safe digital products?
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From job titles to tasks: How Grain refined its product strategy with success

By Kelly Pedro Apr 29, 2021

When Grain co-founders started thinking about how the video app would fill certain jobs to be done they finally found their product-market fit.
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Reimagine, rebirth: How Syncspace is hitting the right note with musicians

By Kelly Pedro Apr 16, 2021

Adrian Cho created a virtual platform to help musicians perform live in different cities after the pandemic silenced music halls and concert theatres.
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