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Ben Foster on the art and science of vision-led product management

By Jeff Fedor Sep 30, 2020

Product management is one long paradox. But there’s a better way forward, WHOOP’s chief product officer Ben Foster writes in his new book.
Topics: Our Craft Product ProductTank

How a UX writing guide contributes to better design

By Kelly Pedro Sep 29, 2020

In our latest Zeitspace Session we looked at how you can’t really separate UX writing from good design because good writing is good design.
Topics: UX Design Our Craft Zeitspace Sessions

Organizing the Redux state

By Karen Reeves Sep 24, 2020

What to do when the Redux state is not reflected in the UI.
Topics: Software Development Our Craft

Remote usability testing and data driven design: UXers share knowledge

By Kelly Pedro Sep 22, 2020

From a prototype of a virtual marketplace to doing behavioural barrier reviews, Waterloo Region UXers shared what they’ve learned at uxWaterloo.
Topics: UX Design Our Craft UX Research UXWaterloo

Product managers need lots of skills, but these are the most important

By Kelly Pedro Sep 17, 2020

There are lots of things to consider when hiring someone for your product team, but you can hire better product people by focusing on these skills.
Topics: Our Craft Hiring Product ProductTank

A better way to hire product people

By Kelly Pedro Sep 9, 2020

Product coach Kate Leto joins ProductTank Waterloo to share ways to change how organizations hire, and think about culture and essential product skills.
Topics: Our Craft Hiring Product ProductTank

New campaign encourages kids to walk and bike to school

By Kelly Pedro Aug 18, 2020

The campaign will help with route planning, especially for parents whose children may be walking or cycling to school for the first time.
Topics: Community Waterloo Region Active Transport

Pedal power: more cyclists hit the road with temporary bike lanes

By Kelly Pedro Aug 8, 2020

After Waterloo Region added 24 kilometres of temporary separated lanes on some regional roads in July traffic counters show more cyclists are using them.
Topics: Community Waterloo Region Active Transport

Want to build trust? Follow these three Vs

By Kelly Pedro Aug 4, 2020

How can UX designers build trust? Empower audiences to make confident decisions, content strategist Margot Bloomstein said during uxWaterloo’s meetup.
Topics: Our Craft Positioning Storytelling UXWaterloo

Helping product teams measure their messy middle

By Kelly Pedro Jul 27, 2020

Amplitude’s John Cutler recently presented six thinking models during a ProductTank Waterloo talk to help product teams have better conversations.
Topics: Our Craft Product ProductTank Agile