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Not building products with your community? You should. Here’s why.

By Kelly Pedro Sep 17, 2021

Ahead of his Zeitspace Session, Wyze’s Mark Tan talks about why product managers should focus on community-driven product development.
Topics: Our Craft Product Zeitspace Sessions

Building a new product? Here’s a gold mine of opportunity

By Kelly Pedro Sep 9, 2021

When it comes to innovation, look at where mismatches are happening — often with people with disabilities who have to work around inaccessible products.
Topics: Our Craft Zeitspace Sessions Accessibility

How UX designers can survive in a wicked environment

By Kelly Pedro Sep 2, 2021

UX designers train for one environment and work in another. UX designer Karen VanHouten talks about how to go from barely surviving to thriving.
Topics: UX Design Our Craft UXWaterloo

Digital accessibility by design

By Kelly Pedro Aug 26, 2021

In a digital world making products accessible means focusing on usability first.
Topics: Inclusive Design Accessibility

Microsoft created guidelines for ethical AI. Here’s why you should use them

By Kelly Pedro Aug 12, 2021

At July’s uxWaterloo, Ruth Kikin-Gil talked about how organizations can use the 18 guidelines for human AI interaction she developed with Microsoft.
Topics: UXWaterloo

Welcome to Zeitspace, Tyler Delaat

By Zeitspace Aug 5, 2021

Tyler Delaat has joined us as a software engineer. Meet Tyler through our now-standard questions where responses include fruit trees and 3D modelling.
Topics: Welcome to Zeitspace

Welcome to Zeitspace, Catalin Pop

By Zeitspace Jul 28, 2021

What do coffee and karate have in common? They're responses Catalin Pop, who's joined Zeitspace as a software engineer, gave in our now-standard questions.
Topics: Welcome to Zeitspace

Using storytelling concepts in design

By Kelly Pedro Jul 22, 2021

We can adapt storytelling principles around developing a character to the UX design principles we use to make decisions about what we're designing and why.
Topics: UX Design Our Craft Fluxible

Want to diversify your workforce? Be honest and clear about your values

By Kelly Pedro Jul 15, 2021

Designing an inclusive organization isn’t a one-and-done. There’s no checklist, only starting points, diversity educator Ren Navarro said at Fluxible 2021.
Topics: Fluxible Diversity

UX design in civic life: Lessons from the past year

By Kelly Pedro Jul 8, 2021

In the face of a pandemic, UX designers working as public servants can only move “at the speed of trust.”
Topics: UX Design Our Craft Fluxible