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UX design for social good

By Kelly Pedro Jan 19, 2021

UX designer Eriol Fox will be talking about their journey in designing for humanitarian projects at the next uxWaterloo virtual meetup Jan. 21.
Topics: UXWaterloo

How to make sure websites perform well for everyone

By Peter Spenler Jan 13, 2021

By taking advantage of Chrome’s developer tools, we can ensure everyone has a great user experience on our website no matter which device they use.
Topics: Software Development Our Craft

Designing for mixed reality

By Kelly Pedro Jan 6, 2021

When she found herself on Microsoft’s HoloLens design team, senior designer Ana Sofia Gonzalez learned that empathy was more important than ever.
Topics: UX Design Our Craft UXWaterloo

Planning, running, and learning from UX research interviews

By Kelly Pedro Dec 23, 2020

In our most recent Zeitspace Session, participants learned how to plan and run UX research interviews for better product design and development.
Topics: Zeitspace Sessions

The art of the sprint demo

By Jesse Hoek Dec 10, 2020

In the scrum framework, a sprint demo is a meeting for a product team to show the product owner and stakeholders the work they’ve completed in the sprint.

The power of storytelling in UX design

By Kelly Pedro Dec 1, 2020

“All people’s brains are wired around stories. We’re narrative creatures,” said Scott Berkun, author of How Design Makes the World.
Topics: ProductTank Storytelling UXWaterloo

The power and influence of fonts in design

By Matthew Reynolds Nov 24, 2020

Deciding which font to use is not as straightforward as choosing something that “looks good.” Type may be more influential and powerful than you think.
Topics: UX Design Our Craft

Zeitspace Session recap: How impact maps help align stakeholders

By Kelly Pedro Nov 17, 2020

Impact maps are a great way to get everyone aligned so you’re not wasting time making the wrong decisions when it comes to your product goals.
Topics: Our Craft Zeitspace Sessions

Why understanding good and bad design is more powerful than you think

By Kelly Pedro Nov 9, 2020

Scott Berkun’s latest book gets readers to look at problems like designers do so they make better choices about what they use, buy, and make.
Topics: UX Design Our Craft ProductTank UXWaterloo

Keeping women in tech during a pandemic

By Kelly Pedro Nov 2, 2020

What some tech companies are doing to keep a diverse workforce and how you can learn from their response to do the same.
Topics: Diversity