Zeitspace Sessions

We spend a lot of time learning, but we also think it’s important to share what we’ve learned. That’s why we introduced Zeitspace Sessions, which are open to anyone, no expertise needed.

Learning, growing, and sharing our knowledge

Learning is ever present at Zeitspace. But we don’t want to keep it hidden behind closed doors, so we regularly spread the wealth of knowledge around with free Zeitspace Sessions. Sometimes run by our own team, sometimes run by outside experts, Zeitspace Sessions are always a great way to level up your expertise and meet others in the Waterloo Region tech community.

Upcoming Zeitspace Sessions

flutter widgets animated

Intro to cross-platform mobile apps with Flutter

Flutter is a cross-platform tool to develop web, mobile, and now desktop applications. This hands-on workshop will get you started building mobile apps.

Previous Zeitspace Sessions

Participants organizing their story map

Remote User Story Mapping

Story mapping is a powerful tool to understand your users, but how do you get a group to participate if you all can't be physically in the same area?
Photo of Dave Dame

'Scaling your Agility means Scaling your Leadership' with Dave Dame

In this talk, leading agile expert Dave Dame will share the tools he has used to enable bottom-up engagement and rapid decision making.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Web Accessibility

Gain tools and understanding for designing and developing web content that meets basic accessibility standards

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