Zeitspace is supporting Open Ears and NUMUS

By Mark Connolly on May 26, 2020 2 min read

Zeitspace is proud to call Waterloo Region home. It has a vibrant tech ecosystem that makes the region a natural home for a company like ours. It also has a vibrant creative community that makes the region a wonderful place to live.

Zeitspace has been a sponsor of Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound in the past. This year would have been no different. But then it was different, as this year’s edition of Open Ears was cancelled. And other community events that we care about were either cancelled outright, or pivoted to online versions.

As I wrote back in 2018 when Zeitspace first sponsored Open Ears:

In past years, Open Ears has been somewhat associated with Fluxible, which I co-chair, and where various Open Ears associated musicians have delivered wonderful musical performances as a part of the Fluxible Conference program. (That’s a relationship that will continue this year, by the way, with more details to come.) As well, I’ve been on the board of directors for Open Ears for several years now, doing what I can to support an organization whose mission and activities are meaningful for me.

And, of course, there are many other arts organizations in the region. For example, NUMUS Concerts, like Open Ears, has a long history presenting music in innovative and unexpected ways. And also like Open Ears, many NUMUS-associated musicians have performed at Fluxible.

Fluxible is presenting a concert as a part of Fluxible TV, a streaming event that’s happening on June 4. But in addition Fluxible is streaming the concert separately as the Benefit Concert for Open Ears and NUMUS, expressly to financially support the two wonderful music organizations. And Fluxible is matching dollar-for-dollar ticket sales to make the support even more special.

And in that same spirit of support we’ve decided that Zeitspace will match dollar-for-dollar tickets sales for this benefit concert. Your ticket-buying dollars of support for Open Ears and NUMUS will now go even further.

So if you’re interested, please go buy a ticket now. You’ll enjoy a great concert while supporting two great music organizations.

And if not these organizations or this event, please look for other ways to support the creative community in Waterloo Region (or in your own community, wherever that is). The current focus has to be on survival, but let’s also be thinking about how we can all recover and thrive in a COVID-19 world.

Mark Connolly

Written by Mark Connolly

Mark Connolly is a partner at Zeitspace. You can find him at @uxmark@mstdn.ca