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By Kelly Pedro on Jan 6, 2020 2 min read

We all need great advice sometimes. Where to work, how to work, how to build a career.

The best advice I ever received was when I was at a crossroads and trying to decide whether I should take a big leap in my life. I wasn’t sure about the timing, I told someone I trusted at the time.

“Well, there’s never a perfect time in life to do anything,” that person told me.

Suddenly, with that bit of advice I was free to take the leap and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Maybe you’re in the same spot. Maybe you’re working through a product problem and are looking for practical advice, but don’t know where to turn.

Well, good news: At Zeitspace, we offer a free no-strings-attached (yes, really!) one-hour consultation to help you work through the big picture challenges.

We call it Zeitspace Office Hours and it’s a chance to get help working through a problem while getting honest feedback.

The idea isn’t new — Zeitspace partners Jeff Fedor and Mark Connolly are already offering anyone who asks advice on building a product, business, or workflow. Office Hours just formalizes something we’ve already been doing casually.

We talked to one startup recently about a problem. And we connected them with people who were able to help the startup roll out its product in record time.

We do that because we think it’s important to contribute to the economic health of the community in which we live. We’ve been the beneficiaries of advice. Now it’s our turn to pay it back (and forward).

In the past, we’ve run Zeitbooth — an idea Fedor and Connolly adopted after a trip to Boulder, Colorado. Zeitbooth featured rapid meetings in a booth at Abe Erb in downtown Kitchener. They ran it a few times and never knew who would show up and what they’d want to talk about. 

But Zeitbooth quickly showed Connolly and Fedor that people wanted a sounding board and honest feedback. Those who participated wanted to know about getting your first UX job, how to monetize their app, startup advice, and thoughts on how to help founders become more sensitive to diversity issues, and more. 

After that, Zeitbooth was offered several more times as part of Zeitspace Sessions.

But Office Hours are different from Zeitbooth.

First, it’s not a 15-minute quick chat. An hour really gives the Zeitspace team time to help you work through your problem in a meaningful way.

And Office Hours gives you a chance to tap into the Zeitspace team’s expertise.

The team here has extensive experience and diverse opinions. As problem solvers, we regularly provide critique and feedback that help others move through their challenges and come out the other side.

So if you’re facing a technical hurdle, struggling to build a roadmap, need a critique of a design, want help with a process, looking for an architecture review, or anything else, sign up for Office Hours

We’re here to help. Honest.

Kelly Pedro

Written by Kelly Pedro

Kelly Pedro is a journalist at Zeitspace.