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By Jeff Fedor on Jan 23, 2018 1 min read

In December we ran an experiment. A calculated experiment. The hypothesis wasn’t radical or risky: 
open office hours + community = engaging conversations

Inspired by a trip to Boulder, Colorado, in December we scheduled open office hours in a booth at Abe Erb and waited to see what would happen. The biggest risk was no one would come and we were comfortable with the idea that it might just be us drinking beer. No real downside, plenty of upside.

The results exceeded our expectations. We met me great, passionate people, discussed a wide range of topics and the conversations were, as we hoped, engaging. Success! Being product designers, we couldn’t help but ask our participants for feedback at the end of each session. Unanimously, people said we should do it again. One kind attendee left the following review on Meetup.

A testimonial from Adam: Would definitely do it again! I received some great advice during the chat. 

Actor not compensated for their story.

And with that, our prototype The Booth is now Zeitbooth. A bonafide part of our community programming just like the Zeitspace Sessions. Former participants brought topics such as: getting your first UX job, monetizing your app, startup advice, helping founders become more sensitive to diversity issues, working with designers and more. Want feedback, advice or just want to chat?, come meet us in Zeitbooth.

Jeff Fedor

Written by Jeff Fedor

Jeff Fedor is a partner at Zeitspace.