Experiment: The Booth

By Jeff Fedor on Nov 27, 2017 1 min read

Inspired by a recent trip to Boulder, we’re testing out rapid meetings in a booth at our friends, Abe Erb, in downtown Kitchener.

I was recently in Boulder, Colorado. A town which shares many similarities with the Waterloo area: a thriving tech community including anchor public companies, many startups, a university and an engaged community. One thing that struck me is how accessible and willing to help the Boulder community is. There are several open events to meet new people, get advice and feedback, or learn something new.

Inspired by my experience with the fine folks at Dojo4 and shamelessly ripping MergeLane off, we’re going to test an open office hours session this Friday, December 1st from 2–4 PM in a booth at Abe Erb at the Tannery.

Here’s how it works: you bring your question to our booth, ideally something Mark or I have some expertise in (e.g. Design, Development, Product, and we have strong opinions on beer and music) but hey we’re happy to chat about whatever. We guarantee you at least 15 minutes of our time and honest feedback, opinion, and/or advice.

Interested? Sign-up for a slot at our Meetup.

Jeff Fedor

Written by Jeff Fedor

Jeff Fedor is a partner at Zeitspace.