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Exploratory testing for Cycling Guide means exploring Waterloo Region

By Mark Connolly Jul 14, 2022

As work progresses on the Cycling Guide mobile app, the Zeitspace team has engaged in exploratory testing to assess the quality of its cycling routes.
Topics: Software Development Waterloo Region Cycling Guide

Using streetcar photographs to research Toronto’s urban transformation

By Megan Pollock Jul 7, 2022

Brian Doucet and Michael Doucet, authors of “Streetcars and the Shifting Geographies of Toronto,” joined June’s uxWaterloo to share how repeat photography can be used in urban research
Topics: UXWaterloo

How we are using Dovetail to compile user research for Cycling Guide

By Megan Pollock Jun 30, 2022

Dovetail has helped us keep our user research organized and accessible while working on the Cycling Guide app.
Topics: Our Craft Active Transport UX Research Cycling Guide