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by Kelly PedroMarch 18, 20204 min read

Anxiety levels are higher than normal as people with and without mental health issues fear for their loved ones and job security. But there are ways employers can ease fears.

by Kelly PedroMarch 16, 20206 min read

“It’s all fairly new ground for everybody. Nobody has policies in place to handle pandemics from an arts perspective,” says Richard Burrows, artistic director of Open Ears Festival.

by Kelly PedroMarch 9, 20203 min read

The next Zeitspace Session is about giving leaders the tools to build trust in their team when it comes to decision making. In that way, teams can apply agile to its full potential.

by Kelly PedroMarch 4, 20203 min read

The 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals trust in the tech sector has dropped as people worry they won’t know if what they’re seeing and hearing is real.

by Matthew ReynoldsFebruary 28, 20207 min read

Our latest Zeitspace Session looked at the good, the bad, and the ugly of web accessibility.

by Michael SongFebruary 24, 20206 min read

Hackathons are a great way for those new to software development to cut their teeth.

by Kelly PedroFebruary 19, 20203 min read

Waterloo’s bicycle mayor is hosting the screening of MOTHERLOAD at the Waterloo Public Library on March 7.

by Kelly PedroFebruary 18, 20203 min read

The free session on Feb. 25 will give you the basic tools to meet a new law coming into effect January 2021.

by Kelly PedroFebruary 13, 20204 min read

Zeitspace co-designed and developed Choice Connect with SHORE Centre, which has provided more than 2,435 referrals since it launched nationally.

by Bety Rodriguez-MillaFebruary 11, 20205 min read

Sometimes in software development you find what you need in unlikely places.

by Kelly PedroFebruary 6, 20205 min read

‘The perfect fit’: Zeitspace helps Green Brick Labs validate their latest software product.

by Kelly PedroFebruary 3, 20207 min read

Avoid the rush to build and take time to learn first.