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by Kelly PedroNovember 25, 20198 min read

Half of women surveyed believe that tech companies don't want to hire them.

by Megan PollockNovember 20, 20194 min read

Typically linked to agriculture, 4-H is teaching a whole new skillset: computer programming.

by Kelly PedroNovember 6, 20193 min read

Left out of the design are bike lanes of any kind.

by Kelly PedroNovember 5, 20198 min read

Research is the foundation of good design. It ensures that user experience designers will understand the underlying problem before trying to solve it.

by Kelly PedroNovember 1, 20193 min read

Technology will make life better for humans but it will come with a cost: no personal privacy and a widening privilege gap.

by Kelly PedroOctober 29, 20193 min read

How one developer is using music to inspire Waterloo Region students to think about a career in space.

by Kelly PedroOctober 24, 20196 min read

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the arts in our backyard, whether through a self-guided walking tour, community festival or light show.

by Kelly PedroOctober 21, 20193 min read

It’s a cool field that women sometimes don’t consider but “there is space for everyone in science,” women’s panel tells middle and high school students.

by Kelly PedroOctober 17, 20194 min read

When we design streets with walkability in mind, what we’re really doing is creating an inclusive, connected community.

by Kelly PedroOctober 15, 20195 min read

In Canada, 80 percent of kids live within walking distance of school, but only 25 per cent walk or bike there.

by Kelly PedroOctober 10, 201910 min read

Zeitspace builds fast to fail fast so they can give their clients exactly what they need.

by Kelly PedroOctober 4, 20192 min read

Zeitspace software developer Alexis Blondin has been rolling out an eco-friendly program at work to encourage composting and climate action to help the planet.