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How the UX industry has changed

By Kelly Pedro Jun 1, 2020

From UX design to experience design and agencies to internal teams, Fluxible speakers reflect on how the UX industry has changed.
Topics: UX Design Our Craft Fluxible UX Research

Zeitspace Session recap: Remote user story mapping

By Kelly Pedro May 29, 2020

User story mapping is a simple approach to help agile teams see the big picture when it comes to product design.
Topics: UX Design Our Craft Zeitspace Sessions UX Research

As temperatures rise so does demand for more space for walkers and cyclists

By Kelly Pedro May 27, 2020

The City of Waterloo aims to fast track plans to boost cycling infrastructure and address inequities over who has access to public space and who doesn’t.
Topics: Community Waterloo Region Active Transport

Zeitspace is supporting Open Ears and NUMUS

By Mark Connolly May 26, 2020

Fluxible is presenting a benefit concert for Open Ears and NUMUS as a part of Fluxible TV, a streaming event that’s happening on June 4.
Topics: Community Company Culture Arts and Culture

Lessons in leadership

By Kelly Pedro May 25, 2020

Capital One’s Aaron Irizarry joined the latest uxWaterloo virtual monthly meetup to talk about how to be a successful leader.
Topics: UX Design Our Craft UXWaterloo

Moving beyond simple searches: How to dig deep with secondary research

By Matthew Reynolds May 22, 2020

Doing secondary research is a great way to ramp up quickly so you’re better prepared to design and develop something for clients
Topics: Our Craft UX Research

We’re starting to critique software. Here’s why.

By Matthew Reynolds May 19, 2020

Design critique has been used for decades to provide structured feedback, but can it apply to software development? We think so.

What is design critique? Communication

By Kelly Pedro May 14, 2020

Design critique prepares UX designers for better conversations when they do get a seat at the table, says Aaron Irizarry, co-author of Discussing Design.
Topics: UX Design Our Craft

How to run a user story mapping session remotely

By Kelly Pedro May 13, 2020

The next Zeitspace Session will give you tips and techniques for how to get the most out of a remote user story mapping session.
Topics: Our Craft Zeitspace Sessions

How to do design critique: a tool for designers to improve their work

By Kelly Pedro May 12, 2020

Design critique helps UX designers improve their work. But how do you do a design critique? Here's a step by step way to run a design critique.
Topics: UX Design Our Craft