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A behind-the-scenes look at building a better bike app

By Tenille Bonoguore Feb 14, 2023

When Zeitspace and CycleWR set out to create Cycling Guide, an early task was to work out how to distort the world to better reflect a cyclist’s reality.
Topics: Software Development Community Active Transport Cycling Guide

Want To Know About Diagrams? Abby Covert Can Help.

By Megan Pollock Nov 30, 2022

Author Abby Covert joined October’s uxWaterloo for a fireside chat about her new book “STUCK? Diagrams Help.”
Topics: UX Design UXWaterloo

Responding quickly to Cycling Guide routing feedback

By Mark Connolly Sep 23, 2022

Testing by people using Cycling Guide has been a great success, especially in revealing issues in its routes. We use their feedback to improve the routes.
Topics: Software Development Community Cycling Guide