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Duet: An app built for slow connection

By Kelly Pedro Feb 25, 2021

At the February uxWaterloo, design consultancy Quicksand Studios and interactive arts studio Invisible Flock talked about building the Duet app.
Topics: Our Craft UXWaterloo

Fluxible 2021 brings fresh faces, new experiences to the UX festival

By Kelly Pedro Feb 19, 2021

The 2021 edition of Fluxible, Canada’s UX Festival, will build on the success of last year’s Fluxible TV but expand to a week.
Topics: UX Design Fluxible

How a premortem analysis derisks a project, helping your team succeed

By Jeff Fedor Feb 11, 2021

When projects go wrong, we waste time figuring out what happened. But what if we did that first with a premortem analysis and assume the project fails?
Topics: Our Craft Product

Welcome to Zeitspace, Janine Swallow

By Zeitspace Feb 10, 2021

We're not horsing around — Janine Swallow is bringing her energy to Zeitspace as a UX designer.
Topics: Welcome to Zeitspace Team

Choice Connect sheds light on gaps in abortion services in Ontario

By Kelly Pedro Feb 4, 2021

Three Ontario communities will get better access to abortion services thanks in part to the Choice Connect app that has helped highlight gaps.
Topics: Community Waterloo Region

Strategies to drive product-led growth

By Kelly Pedro Jan 28, 2021

At the most recent ProductTank Waterloo, ProfitWell CEO Patrick Campbell shared some tactical strategies businesses can use to drive product-led growth.
Topics: ProductTank

UX design for social good

By Kelly Pedro Jan 19, 2021

UX designer Eriol Fox will be talking about their journey in designing for humanitarian projects at the next uxWaterloo virtual meetup Jan. 21.
Topics: UXWaterloo

How to make sure websites perform well for everyone

By Peter Spenler Jan 13, 2021

By taking advantage of Chrome’s developer tools, we can ensure everyone has a great user experience on our website no matter which device they use.
Topics: Software Development Our Craft

Designing for mixed reality

By Kelly Pedro Jan 6, 2021

When she found herself on Microsoft’s HoloLens design team, senior designer Ana Sofia Gonzalez learned that empathy was more important than ever.
Topics: UX Design Our Craft UXWaterloo

Planning, running, and learning from UX research interviews

By Kelly Pedro Dec 23, 2020

In our most recent Zeitspace Session, participants learned how to plan and run UX research interviews for better product design and development.
Topics: Zeitspace Sessions