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Cyclists from around Waterloo Region are now testing Cycling Guide

By Mark Connolly Aug 19, 2022

After an extended period of internal testing, we’ve put Cycling Guide in the hands of several experienced cyclists to see how well it works for them.
Topics: Software Development Waterloo Region Cycling Guide

Finding the right problems to work on and effectively pitching them to your organization

By Megan Pollock Aug 8, 2022

Dana Marr joined July’s uxWaterloo to share his experience with clarifying the problem to be solved, and getting buy-in from leadership teams.
Topics: UX Design UX Research UXWaterloo

Exploratory testing for Cycling Guide means exploring Waterloo Region

By Mark Connolly Jul 14, 2022

As work progresses on the Cycling Guide mobile app, the Zeitspace team has engaged in exploratory testing to assess the quality of its cycling routes.
Topics: Software Development Waterloo Region Cycling Guide