Welcome to Zeitspace, Megan Pollock

By Zeitspace on May 3, 2018 2 min read

We’re excited to report that Megan Pollock has joined the Zeitpace team as a designer. We asked a Megan a few questions for this post, and amidst a busy first week she sent us some answers.

Why UX design?

I like the intersection between people and technology. UX is interesting because we work to understand many different people, and then create something that actually helps them in their day to day lives.

What kind of design do you like? Mobile? Web? Something else?

Mobile design is getting so fun lately! As people rely more and more on phones and tablets, they want to be able to complete more complicated tasks without using a computer. This presents a ton of new opportunities and unique challenges. It also seems to be driving a lot of changes in peoples’ opinions and behaviours when it comes to storing data and performing secure tasks online. Not too long ago, many people were afraid of online banking, and now we are use our cellphones as our credit cards!

Recommend one thing (maybe a book, movie, album, TV show, physical experience…). Why?

The movieGone Girl, even though it has Ben Affleck in it. Anything I say about it will be a spoiler, so just watch it, it’s awesome.

What’s your favourite new (or old) discovery in Waterloo Region?

The Weston Bakery Outlet! There are so many great places and things to do in Waterloo Region, but for some reason I was recently very excited to learn that the Weston factory has an outlet store attached to it that sells overstocked bread and other grocery items at a big discount.

Share a cool thing that folks might like to know about you?

I volunteer with 4-H, which is a rural-based program for youth ages 6–21. Each club is devoted to a different topic (like chicken-raising, square dancing, maple syrup, cooking, paintball…), and the motto is “learn to do by doing”. I have been involved in the 4-H program since I was 12 years old.



Written by Zeitspace