Welcome to Zeitspace, Maria McLoughlin

By Zeitspace on Jan 14, 2020 2 min read

We have another new face at Zeitspace. Maria McLoughlin has joined us as a writing co-op. Maria is in the Rhetoric, Media, and Professional Communication program at the University of Waterloo. As is standard practice now, we asked her some questions. We think you’ll enjoy reading about her favourite kind of writing and what she recommends.

Why Writing?

I chose to pursue writing to become a better communicator and to connect with others. I think many people really overlook the value of eloquence. Practicing writing is a wonderful way to play with language and learn the best way to say what you mean and say it well. I also just love a good story, so reading and writing have helped me appreciate great storytellers!

What kind of writing do you like? Technical? Journalism? Something else?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have opportunities to try all kinds of writing, but my favourite has to be creative writing. Whether it be a short story or poem, there is something liberating about the idea that the words on the page are completely your own. However, I have recently been volunteering for an organization called INKspire, which has allowed me to explore a journalist’s approach to writing a little more. The challenge and reward of that experience has been the opportunity to learn more about a whole world outside of my own as I have researched information for each article!

Recommend one thing (maybe a book, movie, album, TV show, physical experience…) Why?

I love music, and I have recently been listening to a band called Sure Sure. Their pop/rock style of music is light and fun, perfect for jamming out in the car on the way home from a long day at work! If you’d like to give them a listen, I’d recommend starting with the song “Warm Animal.”

What’s your favourite new (or old) discovery in Waterloo Region?

I love the small animal farm in Waterloo Park. I was definitely surprised to walk by some llamas, miniature donkeys, and peacocks the first time I visited!

Share a cool thing that folks might like to know about you?

In the summer of 2015, I was lucky enough to go on a tour across a whole bunch of countries in Europe with other high school students.


Written by Zeitspace