The Fluxible Schedule web app is back for 2019

By Mark Connolly on Sep 16, 2019 1 min read

The whole Zeitspace team is excited about Fluxible starting this week. Many of us will be attending some combination of Fluxible Meetups, Fluxible Workshops, and Fluxible Conference. And we’ll be using the Fluxible Schedule web app to stay on top of Canada’s UX Festival again this year!

Zeitspace created Fluxible Schedule for the 2018 edition of Fluxible. And it was such a nice resource that we’ve updated it with a more robust content management system behind the scenes to support all the great events at Fluxible. As it did last year, Fluxible Schedule does one simple thing: it keeps attendees informed about what’s happening each day.

We’ll have more to say about Fluxible in the coming days here in The Zeitspace Blog. Until then, do check out Fluxible Schedule if you’re at Fluxible (or even if you’re not). And consider attending Fluxible if you haven’t already. We think it’s a great experience.

Mark Connolly

Written by Mark Connolly

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