Entering Zeitspace

By Jeff Fedor on Jul 1, 2017 1 min read

Mark Connolly and I have known each other and travelled in much of the same professional circles for longer than I care to admit. We share a lot of the same interests both professionally (i.e product, design, improving our craft) and personally (i.e music and craft beer). Heck we even worked for the same company, just not at the same time.

When I started thinking about formalizing my consulting work, a number of our mutual friends and colleagues encouraged me to talk to Mark about Zeitspace and vice versa. We met in late April for a fateful beer on what felt a little like a blind date without the awkwardness.

Almost immediately, it became clear that we shared a lot of the same values and goals for both our work and the next phase of our careers. We both want to build an organization that produces valuable work, attracts smart people and one that will collectively advance our craft in a meaningful way.

Though young, Zeitspace is an already established product design and development consultancy that has successfully shipped Android, iOS and web projects for clients small and large. I love being part of a team that can deliver the right product into the hands of our clients’ users.

Beyond the shared goals and values, a key attraction to joining forces with Mark is his design experience and perspective. Mark is well known in the design community as co-founder and co-chair of Fluxible.

I know first hand the impact of having great designers on your product development team and I’m excited to work with Mark and the rest of my new Zeitspace colleagues.

Jeff Fedor

Written by Jeff Fedor

Jeff Fedor is a partner at Zeitspace.