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A farewell to Zeitspace from Ethan Xue

This post was written by Ethan Xue, a Software Engineering student at University of Waterloo who is finishing up his co-op work term job here at Zeitspace. We’ll miss you, Ethan!

When I first started working at Zeitspace, I didn’t know what to expect. The consulting nature of Zeitspace put me out of my comfort zone as I had to learn how to adapt and acquire new skills on the fly readily. But it was just that, that allowed me to grow so much in just four months.

I was put on a project right away and challenges arose quickly, which was a good thing as it really forced me to become a better self-learner and problem solver. In the beginning, the work pace felt quite fast and many problems seemed unsolvable. Fortunately, there was plenty of guidance from my colleagues, and help was always there when I needed it. I began to learn very quickly thanks to this supportive yet fast-paced environment that constantly supplied new things to learn. In retrospect, my experience at Zeitspace was also a rare and invaluable opportunity for a first year student to become much more knowledgeable, independent, and adept at handling responsibility.

I was able to work on three different projects in three separate areas — namely iOS, Android, and Web all while being in an Agile environment. This allowed me to broaden my knowledge of design and development profoundly. The company culture at Zeitspace was something that stood out. Our team was quite small, but that was also the reason why we were very lightweight and flexible. I was able to cultivate strong relationships with everyone, which ultimately seemed to have increased our productivity and efficiency. Working at the office was very enjoyable in general.

After four months at Zeitspace, I have furthered both my hard and soft skills significantly. Thanks so much Mark, Fabio, Jeff, Kanoa, and Dmitry for an amazing summer!