Welcome to Zeitspace, Catherine Mittelholtz

By Zeitspace on Jul 16, 2018 2 min read

We’re very happy that Catherine Mittelholtz has joined us here at Zeitspace as a software engineer. And if you’ve been following along with previous posts here you won’t be surprised to see that we’re presenting Catherine’s answers to our now-standard questions for the blog. Because that’s just what we do.

Why software development?

I taught myself HTML in the glorious days of Geocities and Neopets. This was back in 2000 and small town me thought it was so cool that I could make things and put it on THE INTERNET and people I didn’t know could see it! When my dad forced me to go to school for engineering, I chose software — partly due to this autodidactic hobby, partly because at the time it was the only engineering at UW that didn’t have a first-year chemistry course. I have many mixed feelings on the industry and I really hope that we figure out how to use this incredible tool for good and to help people rather than just make silly face filters.

What kind of development do you like? Mobile? Web? Something else?

The kind that involves thetag. So… nothing modern I guess, and everything that invokes nostalgia. If we could just bring back the early days of the web then the world would be a better place.

Recommend one thing (maybe a book, movie, album, TV show, physical experience…) Why?

Because Facebook recently reminded me of it — ride on a cable car in San Francisco. It’s like a roller coaster for scaredy cats with great views of the city and the bay. There’s a secret to not getting stuck in the cable car tourist trap and getting the best spot. Take the Powell-Hyde line down to Ghirardelli Square and pick up some chocolate. Walk along the water. Don’t forget to bring a book to read while you sit on the grass and people watch.

What’s your favourite new (or old) discovery in Waterloo Region?

The Kitchener Public Library in Downtown Kitchener is one of my favourite places to read, work, or just hang out. There are stars in the ceiling! They host cool events and will loan you books, movies, video games, and musical instruments, all for free! It took me way too long to get a library card after moving into Kitchener, and now I believe it’s one of the first things people should do when moving into a new city.

Share a cool thing that folks might like to know about you?

I’m saving up all of my Chapters gift cards and rewards points to buyModernist Cuisine. It’s a $600 monstrosity and I’m currently about a third of the way there!

Anything else you’d like to add that these questions miss?

The book I’m currently reading isGastronomical Me by MFK Fisher, the original food writing queen. Her writing is incredibly engaging — like if Hemingway were a woman and capable of writing beautiful food prose full of heart-wrenching emotion. I once read somewhere that she never wrote more than one draft; if true, a feat of genius we mere mortals could only dream of achieving.


Written by Zeitspace