Getting to and from Zeitspace

By Mark Connolly on Jul 2, 2019 2 min read

It’s an interesting moment for us here at Zeitspace. We’re currently located in a temporary space on the ground floor of Allen Square in Uptown Waterloo — or, as we sometimes like to refer to this stretch of King Street, the SoUp (South of Uptown) aisle. We’ve been in our temporary space while awaiting completion of the build-out of our permanent office on the second floor. 

But even in our temporary space we’re still able to take advantage of two of the big reasons why we chose this as our new office location.

The first is that our landlords built us dedicated bike storage in the parking garage, ensuring that those of us who choose to bike to work have a secure indoor place to leave our bikes during the work day. Given our location, and the proximity to both the Iron Horse Trail and the Spur Line Trail, cycling to work is a fantastic option. As is walking or skateboarding, of course.

The second is visible to just about anyone who has been out and about here recently. The ION light rail transit line started service on June 21, finally giving us and everyone else in Waterloo Region access to the trains for which we had  endured years of disruptive construction. And our Allen Square office is located right across from ION’s Allen Station. If a cycling commute isn’t an option, perhaps a train ride is!

There’s nearby car parking as well, but having options to walk, cycle, or ride the ION are hugely appealing to many of us here. And while there’s much that can be done to improve non-motorist transportation infrastructure in Waterloo Region, it’s great to celebrate the new transportation that’s coming online.

Mark Connolly

Written by Mark Connolly

Mark Connolly is a partner at Zeitspace. You can find him at