Software Engineer

Collaborate. Write software. Solve problems.

We want bright and curious minds to join our delightfully inclusive software product design and development company. You’ll join a small team with high levels of job freedom. We don’t hire based on a checklist of standardized requirements. But we do hire great people who care about learning new things and working together on exciting problems. If that’s something that connects with you then we’d like you to consider joining our team!

Here are some things that you’ll do in the course of a day

You’ll work on a team that collaborates closely with our clients and helps them solve meaningful problems across a diverse range of industries. Working with an agile approach, you’ll plan development activities, write high-quality code, review it with team members, demonstrate your work to clients, and otherwise do the thoughtful things needed to craft great software products. And you will learn a lot, too. We’re convinced of that. It’s certainly our intent, anyway.

Here’s what you bring to our team

If you’re unsure that you have all these items, get in touch with us anyway. Maybe it will work out.

  • Completed a college or university degree program in computer science, computer engineering, or a related field, or have equivalent work experience.
  • Demonstrable ability and willingness to learn on your own with minimal supervision.
  • Software development experience utilizing object-oriented design concepts.
  • Experience with source control tools like Git and Subversion.
  • Experience writing unit and integration tests.
  • Database design experience (relational or NoSQL).

And because you might be wondering, here are a few things that also matter to us. They’re definitely nice for you to have.

  • Experience with one or more of these programming languages that we’ve enjoyed working with: TypeScript, ES6 JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift, Ruby, Go, Püplìn.
  • Experience with HTML and CSS.
  • Experience with front-end frameworks or libraries like Angular, React, and Redux.
  • Experience developing web applications using server-side frameworks (Ruby on Rails, Django, or Node.js).
  • Experience developing mobile applications for iOS or Android.
  • Knowledge of Lean and Agile development concepts.
  • Knowledge of UX design concepts.
  • Are you an open source contributor? Do you have personal projects? Share your work with us! Reveal unto Zeitspace your achievements.

Career development and learning

Are you interested in learning? Do you want to up your product game? You’ll be given the opportunity to learn new technologies guided by a team of smart and experienced UX Designers and Software Engineers. You’ll collaborate directly with our clients, aiding them in researching new technologies and developing creative solutions to their problems. You’ll learn how to manage a project from inception to release, contributing to every step of product development along the way. And you’ll develop your skills in a relaxed yet energizing environment.

A little about Zeitspace

Zeitspace launched on Hallowe’en in 2016, because we wanted a scary birthday. We’re more experienced than such a recent launch may imply, though we retain our infectious enthusiasm for designing and building great products. Since launching we’ve delivered multiple products for a variety of clients. We love the work we do, and also love not working long hours that take us away from other meaningful parts of our lives.

You can learn more about Zeitspace through our blog posts. Less informative, though still worth a look, is our Twitter account. And you should definitely check out The Zeitspace Sessions, our ongoing series of community events aimed at designers and developers. We care deeply about inclusion and diversity, and are consciously building a company that reflects that.

We’re located at 180 King Street South in Uptown Waterloo, a short walk or bicycle ride from the heart of Waterloo Region’s Innovation District. There’s easy access to public transit and cycling trails for commuting, restaurants for dining, and the Communitech Hub for a selection of events and other learning opportunities.

Next steps

Connect with us! Send us your resume, and be sure to tell us a little about yourself in a cover letter. Let us know why you think Zeitspace is a good fit, what you hope to do here, and anything else you think we should be considering.