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Welcome to Zeitspace
by Mark ConnollyJuly 1, 20171 min read

Zeitspace has been a gratifying success story since launching last Hallowe’en. We’ve had interesting projects, hit our stride as a productive team, and made an impact on our clients’ products. There’…

by ZeitspaceMay 31, 20172 min read

Say hello to Dmitry Kobets, who we’re delighted has joined Zeitspace for the Spring/Summer co-op term.

by ZeitspaceMay 30, 20173 min read

We’re happy to welcome Kanoa Haley to the Zeitspace family for the Spring/Summer co-op term!

by ZeitspaceMay 29, 20171 min read

We’re very happy that Ethan Xue has joined us for the Spring/Summer co-op term.

by ZeitspaceMarch 21, 20172 min read

We’re delighted to announce that Fabio Nobre has joined the Zeitspace team as a software engineer.

by ZeitspaceMarch 6, 20171 min read

Dylan Cooper is our very first co-op software engineer, and he’s been with us since the beginning of January.