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Two children walk along a busy street.Why we should design our streets with walkability in mind
by Kelly PedroOctober 15, 20195 min read

In Canada, 80 percent of kids live within walking distance of school, but only 25 per cent walk or bike there.

Post-It Notes are pinned to a grey board.Building experience prototypes tech firm’s super power
by Kelly PedroOctober 10, 201910 min read

Zeitspace builds fast to fail fast so they can give their clients exactly what they need.

About 4,500 people gather at Waterloo Public Square for a climate action rally Sept. 27, 2019.'I’m trying to waste less'
by Kelly PedroOctober 4, 20192 min read

Zeitspace software developer Alexis Blondin has been rolling out an eco-friendly program at work to encourage composting and climate action to help the planet.

A person walks past a building with a graffiti mural that reads "reflect."Why did Zeitspace hire a journalist?
by Kelly PedroOctober 3, 20192 min read

Journalists not only inform, but also help us reflect.

Volunteers paint a mural on Duke Street in the City of Kitchener as part of a placemaking project.Millennials are craving experiences and that makes UX designers more relevant than ever
by Kelly PedroSeptember 27, 20193 min read

Camping and micromobility are two growing industries thanks to millennials.

Tarek Loubani stands on a stage at Fluxible Conference with an image of a 3D printed tourniquet broadcast on a large screen behind him.Fluxible Conference encourages us to look beyond the bubble
by Kelly PedroSeptember 26, 20195 min read

We often design for the norm. We forget about the people outside of the bubble. But the speakers at Fluxible showed us that life is better for everyone when we design for the outliers.

Janice de Jong (left), Davis Neable, Jeff Kraemer, and Jeff Fedor (right), address an audience at a UX career panel during Fluxible Meetup.Want to be a manager? First think like a leader, UX expert panel tells Fluxible Meetup
by Kelly PedroSeptember 19, 20195 min read

UX panel talks career growth, leadership and how there’s no one way to get into the field

A group of cyclists listens to the City of Kitchener's Darren Kropf talk about design features on the Iron Horse Trail.Complete streets puts pedestrians and bikes at the centre of design
by Kelly PedroSeptember 18, 20195 min read

The City of Kitchener is moving away from car-centric road design toward more pedestrian and cycling-friendly design.

Two cyclists ride Dropbikes on a Kitchener streetI used a Drop Mobility rental bike and here’s how it went
by Kelly PedroSeptember 17, 20194 min read

The bicycle-sharing program is admirable but not without its challenges.

Here's Fluxible Schedule on an iPhoneThe Fluxible Schedule web app is back for 2019
by Mark ConnollySeptember 16, 20191 min read

We’ll be using the Fluxible Schedule web app to stay on top of Canada’s UX Festival again this year

Fluxible, Canada’s UX Festival, kicks off next week
by Kelly PedroSeptember 12, 20196 min read

The festival brings together the UX community in a series of Fluxible Meetups, the Fluxible Education Summit, Fluxible Workshops and Fluxible Conference.

Kelly PedroWelcome to Zeitspace, Kelly Pedro
by Mark ConnollySeptember 12, 20192 min read

We have another new face at Zeitspace, but this time, things are a little different. Kelly Pedro has joined us as a journalist!