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Welcome to Zeitspace, Malek Karray

Say hello to Malek Karray, who we’re delighted has joined Zeitspace for the Spring co-op term. He’s a Computer Engineering student at the University of Waterloo, and in the Q&A below we learn a little more about his interests.

Why Software Development?

Software development is one of the practices in which a person is limited only to his or her ability. The power to create anything you can imagine is the reason why we see the massive amount of branches in software development increasing each day and I can’t wait to continue exploring just how much I can do. Also its kinda fun :).

What kind of development do you like? Mobile? Web? Something else?

Being relatively new to the field of Software Development, I don’t think I can confidently state which type of development is my favourite. However, I’ve had a chance to do a project with some machine learning and this has recently sparked my interest so I’m really looking forward to learning more about that.

Recommend one thing (maybe a book, movie, album, TV show, physical experience…) Why?

All I will say is that if you haven’t watched “The Office” (The American version, of course) a piece of your life is still missing. Watch it. Seriously. Then come back and thank me.

What’s your favourite new (or old) discovery in Waterloo Region?

Being born and raised in this town there’s not much that surprises me about this town anymore. While Waterloo may not be the most touristic place in the world there are still a handful of places to have a good time. Personally I’d recommend visiting St Jacobs Farmers’ Market for a good time with the family.

Share a cool thing that folks might like to know about you?

I happen to be from Tunisia, for those who don’t know it’s a beautiful country in Northern Africa. With my extended family living there, I get to visit once a year for a month and it’s always an adventure which I would not trade for anything in the world. (Yes I know, looks are deceptive.)