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Welcome to Zeitspace, Thomas Broadley

Say hello to Thomas Broadley, who we’re delighted has joined Zeitspace for the Fall co-op term. He’s a Computer Science student at the University of Waterloo, and in the Q&A below we learn a little more about his interests.

Why software development?

Programming lets me enter a state of flow. When I’m coding, I feel alert and focused and the hours tend to fly by. By working as a developer, I’m also learning how to communicate effectively and be part of a team, useful skills in all areas of my life. Plus, I’m interested in the related disciplines of UX and project management.

What kind of development do you like? Mobile? Web? Something else?

I like web development, perhaps because it’s what I’m most experienced with. I also enjoy working with functional programming languages. In particular, I had a lot of fun building a simple compiler in Scheme for Waterloo’s course CS241.

Recommend one thing (maybe a book, movie, album, TV show, physical experience…) Why?

“Futures”, British band PREP’s debut EP. My favourite track is “Sunburnt Through the Glass”.

What’s your favourite new (or old) discovery in Waterloo Region?

Breakout Escapes in Cambridge. I played their dollhouse-themed escape room a few weeks ago. It was a well-calibrated challenge: my group got out with only 90 seconds to spare!

Share a cool thing that folks might like to know about you.

I lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan for a year.