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“See you later, Zeitspace”, from Kanoa Haley

September has been a busy month, and as a result we’re more that a little late posting this. This post was written by Kanoa Haley, a Computer Science student at the University of Guelph who finished his summer job here at Zeitspace at the end of August. Thanks for joining us, Kanoa!

Now that I am on my way out from Zeitspace, I would just like to say thank you to everybody there and take a moment to talk about how amazing working there was this summer.

I started this summer simply looking for any job that I could enjoy but ended up falling into the most beneficial four months of my time “at” university so far. I was expecting to learn a bit and get comfortable in this type of creative and software oriented workspace but it was so much more by the time I finished.

Throughout this past term I was able to actively develop and participant in four (yes, that’s right, four), separate and diverse software development projects. These projects included Agile development which was incredible to be a part of. I was able to work on the front-end, and learn a bit about user experience design. I helped build back-ends and servers. I even developed for mobile platforms.

This opportunity was perfect for me and I would love to keep talking about how great it was but the best part about working at Zeitspace was the people. I got to meet and become friends with everybody who works there. There were two other co-op students, Ethan and Dmitri, who were great peers throughout our time at Zeitspace. And there was Fabio, a developer who was our guide to all the new projects and how to actually have a job developing. Finally, there was Mark and Jeff, who were the best mentors we could’ve asked for.

Zeitspace, and the atmosphere there, encouraged incredible amounts of collaboration, teamwork, and even friendship that made us enjoy working and passionate about our projects.

I was able to learn an incredible amount this summer, including how development in teams work, Agile and Scrum, new technologies and programming languages galore, and even some design. I enjoyed the term so much and I believe I made a difference and helped get some of these projects farther along then without me.

This summer has been more than I ever expected and it was all thanks to the wonderful people at Zeitspace. I wish you all at Zeitspace luck on all your future adventures and I’ll always look back on this time as an amazing experience.