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Why Zeitspace Sponsors Fluxible

I was asked to write why we sponsor Canada’s UX Festival. This post also appears on Fluxible.

Zeitspace is a product design and development consultancy. We’re also proud sponsors of Fluxible. That’s not at all surprising given that Mark Connolly, my partner at Zeitspace, is also the co-founder and co-chair of Fluxible. At Zeitspace we believe that a tight integration of user experience research and design with software development leads to better products.

The usual driver for corporate sponsorship is to spur new business opportunities or recruit talent — and those are both great outcomes.

Zeitspace Session on User Story Mapping

However, our interest in supporting Fluxible is inspired by our belief that it’s important to continuously level-up the craft of product design and development. Internally we practice this philosophy with weekly sharing/learning time. Externally we host The Zeitspace Sessions, workshops on topics we believe benefit the product design and development community.

We also believe in the Waterloo Region. Fluxible brings in expert researchers and practitioners to share their knowledge with the local design and UX community. The format of Fluxible creates opportunities for these experts to see first hand what’s happening in the region and creates lasting connections.

Fostering continuous learning and building a strong community is important to us. Fluxible delivers on both of those goals.