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We’re feeling lucky

We live and work in a city that is rethinking the urban experience.

For the last few years, Kitchener-Waterloo has been under a major construction project to service 19km of the region with light rail transit (LRT). The ION LRT project is redefining and reinvigorating neighbourhoods while enabling people who live and work in KW to be less reliant on cars.

Furthermore, Waterloo Region is making investments in cycling infrastructure including improvements to the Spurline Trial and Iron Horse Trail. In short, it’s going to be even easier to get to work without having to worry about traffic, road rage and parking. We, at Zeitspace, feel lucky to be living in a city that is transforming itself through an investment in public transit and cycling.

Benefits of cycling from VeloQuébec

Those infrastructure investments are most welcome for us at Zeitspace. On most days none of us drive to work, and five out of six us bike to work. This has a significant impact in multiple ways

The obvious first benefit is environmental. Cycling produces no pollution.

Cyclists enjoy numerous health benefits including a much lower risk of disease, increased cardiovascular fitness, and increased muscle strength and flexibility. Those who ride for 20 minutes or more daily, commonly report increased energy levels. However, this has not been reflected in my coffee consumption.

Environmental and health benefits are fantastic, but the biggest impact we notice is how much happier we are cycling to and from work. It’s not just decreased stress levels, our moods are better and we look forward to our rides. Happy people are not only more productive, they’re also way more fun to be around which means happy teams and that matters to us at Zeitspace.