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Welcome to Zeitspace, Ethan Xue

We’re very happy that Ethan Xue has joined us for the Spring/Summer co-op term. Originally from Vancouver, BC, Ethan is a software engineering student at the University of Waterloo. There’s more to him than that, of course, and we’re sharing a little of that here.

Why software development?

I always considered pursing a career in the medical field, until I enrolled in the AP CS course offered by my high school, which led to a rewarding experience. Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and as a software engineer, I yearn to play an important part in this growth.

What kind of development do you like? Mobile? Web? Something else?

At this point, I haven’t quite figured it out yet. I’m still relatively new to this field; my current goal is to expose myself to as many new languages and technologies as possible. Then, maybe I can decided what’s truly right for me

Recommend one thing (maybe a book, movie, album, TV show, physical experience…) Why?

I recommend going on a trip to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada if you would like to receive the best wildlife experience of your life.

What’s your favourite new discovery in Waterloo Region?

I stumbled across Waterloo park one day near the end of my winter school term and found it to be a place of peace and tranquility. I look forward to going on walks there frequently.

Share a cool thing that folks might like to know about you?

I did competitive swimming for about 9 years.