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Three milestones for Zeitspace

While things have been quiet on the blogging front, behind the scenes it’s been a busy few weeks as Zeitspace hit three satisfying milestones. All three land at the beginning of January.

First, we’ll be starting work on our first project. I won’t write any more about that for now, other than to state the obvious: we’re pretty excited about it!

In related news, we have our first office space. We’re setting up at Distillery Labs, which is an office space provider that’s particularly appealing to start-ups and other new ventures. The fact that we’ll be in the old Brick Brewery building near the corner of King Street South and Allen Street in Waterloo is an unexpected outcome — it’s just a few steps away from the old Boltmade location in the Bauer Building at King and Allen.

And finally, our very first co-op student — a software developer — will be starting in January. We didn’t get into the co-op macninery until November, and were delighted to have been able to find a student willing to join our brand new venture. We plan on having plenty to keep him busy.

More to come in the new year!