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Marking time at Zeitspace

Time is important to us at Zeitspace. It is at many organizations, of course, but it’s part our name, so it had better be important here!

We think about our product development work in many ways. One way is to divide it up into blocks of time during which we’ll execute on it. As we’re an agile organization and use scrum to organize our work, that means working in sprints. We like to use one-week sprints on our projects. The rhythm of planning, executing, and delivering in these one-week cycles is a wonderful experience for all. The uniformity of the time units in this approach is powerful.

We’re also fond of design sprints, which are similarly named but slightly different. While I was in Mountain View recently for the Google Experts Summit I was delighted to learn that the prescriptive one-week durations of the Google Ventures design sprint are relaxed within Google itself. That is, while the stages of the design sprint are critical, the choronological durations are much less so. That means that there’s room for variation in time devoted to the design sprint, which is also powerful.

Today it’s been 30 days since our Hallowe’en Zeitspace launch. Each day has brought some combination of interesting conversations, new insights, exciting opportunities, and more. There’s much to do and, happily for us, time is on our side!